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  • A MaaS Gap Analysis Workshop

    A MaaS Gap Analysis Workshop was held on March 5th 2020 in Dublin, where MaaS stakeholders identified the characteristics of the current mobility ecosystem, defined what a potential future state MaaS environment should be, then created and prioritised several initiatives to move Dublin towards a MaaS environment.

  • Recommendations to initiate a MaaS Programme in Dublin

    Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is receiving a lot of attention in the Transport, Technology and Smart City arenas. Many strategy, playbook, and research documents exist however; there is a need for each city to evaluate what MaaS could look like considering the local context and future strategic challenges.

  • Illegal Dumping, Gully Monitoring & Wayfinding SBIR – Phase 1

    Learn about the Small Business Innovation Research process and find out about the companies working in phase 1 of our illegal dumping, gully monitoring & wayfinding challenges.

  • Getting smarter about smart cities report

    Download 'Getting smarter about smart cities: improving  data privacy and data security' report. The report, written by Professor Rob Kitchin of The Programmable City project at Maynooth University, is the first publication by the new Government Data Forum, a panel of experts drawn from across industry, civil society, academia and the public sector. The Forum advises Government on the opportunities and challenges for society and the economy arising from continued growth in the generation and use of personal data. Smart_Cities_Report_January_2016 Department of Taoiseach  You can also find more information about the report here  

  • Smart City Report by Telecomconsult

    Telecomconsult, a member of the Smart Dublin Advisory Network,  has developed a smart city report to give the Smart Dublin project initial input from their unique perspective and collective experience. It includes an overview of Smart City development, the current state of wireless connectivity options and future opportunities for Dublin in particular in the area of smart mobility.

  • Global Review of Smart City Strategies

    Global Review of Smart City Strategies by Future Cities Catapult

    In this report you will find an introduction to smart cities and their history, a review of how cities are making and implementing smart city strategies and recommendations for how you can create a better smart city strategy for your city. Click here to download the report  And here to visit Future Cities Catapult 's website