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Smart Dublin Brochure

Smart Dublin Brochure | 01. June. 2016

Download our brochure

Smart Dublin Engagement Process

Smart Dublin Engagement Process | 26. January. 2018

Since our launch, we have received numerous proposals from companies that would like to work with Smart Dublin. To help facilitate them and give everyone the same opportunity we have developed a simple engagement process.

Illegal Dumping, Gully Monitoring & Wayfinding SBIR – Phase 1

Illegal Dumping, Gully Monitoring & Wayfinding SBIR – Phase 1 | 01. June. 2016

Learn about the Small Business Innovation Research process and find out about the companies working in phase 1 of our illegal dumping, gully monitoring & wayfinding challenges.

Getting smarter about smart cities report

Getting smarter about smart cities report | 03. August. 2017

Download ‘Getting smarter about smart cities: improving  data privacy and data security’ report.

The report, written by Professor Rob Kitchin of The Programmable City project at Maynooth University, is the first publication by the new Government Data Forum, a panel of experts drawn from across industry, civil society, academia and the public sector. The Forum advises Government on the opportunities and challenges for society and the economy arising from continued growth in the generation and use of personal data.

Smart_Cities_Report_January_2016 Department of Taoiseach 

You can also find more information about the report here