About Smart Dublin

About Smart Dublin

Smart Dublin brings together technology providers, academia and citizens to transform public services and enhance quality of life.

Founded by the four Dublin Local Authorities, our goal is to future-proof the Dublin region by trialing and scaling innovative solutions to a wide range of local challenges.

From tackling the climate crisis to bridging the digital divide, we believe that through collaboration and innovation we can build a better, more resilient Dublin.


Smart Projects

We look for innovative solutions to local problems under the following six themes:

  • Environment

    How can technology help build a greener, more sustainable Dublin?

  • People

    How can local government use technology to better engage with Dubliners?

  • Mobility

    How can we use technology to help manage pedestrian, cycle and vehicle flows and reduce congestion?

  • Economy

    How can we use technology to improve liveability and competitiveness?

  • Government

    How can we use technology and data to make better decisions and deliver better services?

  • Living

    How can we use technology to bring communities together and improve citizen wellbeing?