Smart Districts - Smart Tourism

Smart Tourism focuses on introducing new technology and supporting innovation in the tourism industry in Dublin.

To take advantage of the growing intersection of tourism, culture and technology, Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland have partnered to create a new Smart Tourism work programme, under the Smart Dublin initiative.

The goal of the Smart Tourism programme is to establish Dublin as world-leading ‘Smart Destination’ through innovative projects, research and partnerships.

A Smart Destination is:

“an innovative space, accessible for all, established on a cutting edge technology infrastructure which guarantees sustainable development of the land, facilitates the interaction and integration of the visitor with the surroundings and increases the quality of their experience in the destination, as well as the quality of life of residents.” Smart Destinations Report: building the future, Seggitur, Spain

The Smart Tourism programme will identify cutting-edge developments and technology trends in tourism, and explore how Dublin can make the most of these new innovations.

The Smart Tourism programme is responsible for four key work areas, including:


To learn more about Smart Tourism contact:

Barry Rogers 

Smart Tourism Programme Manager