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Fingal County Council’s Award-winning Unfolding News Story App is all about keeping customers up to date on all the latest local authority news…

Fingal’s news app uses dynamic data from some of their other applications, to provide a continuous stream of visual information about what is happening in the area. The app has recently won a prestigious competition held by ESRI Ireland.


“This is a tremendous achievement by our Project Management Team and one we are very proud of because it is an excellent example of how we at Fingal County Council are utilising technology for the benefit of the citizens of Fingal.” Paul Reid, Chief Executive.


So far “unfolding news stories” are published about matters such as water disruptions, road closures, severe weather, floods, latest planning applications, and community events.


This service is available to residents of Fingal County Council online at www.fingalcoco.ie, as a smartphone app (apple and android), and at the main Council reception area where a large-screen story map is situated.


So, no matter which platform you prefer to use for your daily Council news updates, because all old/outdated news is programmed to disappear automatically, you can be certain that all content you receive from Fingal County Council is relevant and hot off the press!

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