Dublin’s Carbon Neutral Fire Station: Kilbarrack Fire Station

2007: Kilbarrack fire station, located on Dublin’s northside, was in dire need of a complete overhaul.

It had poor insulation, single-glazed windows that had lost their sealing, and inefficient boilers feeding an old heating system that was running around the clock.


2008: Kilbarrack was selected by Dublin Fire Brigade for the ‘Green Plan’.

The goal was to become carbon neutral and to realise Ireland’s public sector energy targets.


2008-2013: Kilbarrack fire station introduces a wide range of sustainability initiatives to become Dublin’s first carbon-neutral fire station.

Spearheaded by local firefighter Neil McCabe and Kilbarrack’s firefighters, this is a collective effort to drive change with local leadership and to realise a wide range of environmental benefits:


Smart Dublin fire station


Smart Dublin firestation 2


The success of Kilbarrack is now being replicated across other Dublin Fire Stations, and indeed is being championed via the GreenPlan© as an exemplar for sustainability objectives. The results have been successfully applied in other local authority premises across Dublin, including libraries and swimming pools, leisure centres and The Mansion House.

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