IoT: What does it mean for business? Webinar Video

Want to know more about how the Internet of Things ‘IoT’ works and what solutions there are for your business? Join IoT experts; Will Ferguson, COO, VT-IoT the Irish Sigfox operator, and Diarmuid Collins PhD, Research Fellow in CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin working on the Pervasive Nation LoRa testbed, who discuss the major trends in IoT and how it is disrupting traditional businesses. 

Beyond what IoT is and how it works, thiswebinar will focus on the IoT solutions being deployed to address transport, data management and new business model validation. We will discuss global trends and what solutions are currently being deployed in Dublin.  

The Smart Sandyford webinar series runs monthly, offering an opportunity to interact and to address your key questions around all things Smart Cities.  

Recorded on Tuesday August 11th

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