Flooding Innovation Project: Real-Time Data for the Dublin Region

Dublin’s flooding innovation project started as a collaboration between Dublin City Council, Intel and CONNECT Research Centre to deploy 25 low-cost rainfall sensors using LoRaWAN connectivity through the Pervasive Nation project. The project aims to find a robust process to access and investigate flooding data in key areas around the city.

Project Activities

Since the project first launched, new projects and partners have been on-boarded, breaking into several work streams, while remaining under the umbrella of ‘Flood Management’ (a separate initiative to our Gully Monitoring project).

Additional sensors for monitoring of water levels (rain and river) have been added including:

  • 25 Rainfall Sensors using LoRaWAN connectivity
  • 10 River Level Sensors using Sigfox connectivity
  • 56 sensors (river, rainfall, weather stations etc) using cellular connectivity


Being able to determine rainfall and river levels can help determine flood risks to homes, businesses, schools, and all other affected properties and persons around the vicinity.

This more connected network of sensors can help with flood risk management through taking of preventive measures, as well as safe evacuations if necessary.


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