Dublin has all the right ingredients to become one of Europe’s leading Smart Cities. These include leading multinationals, SMEs, research institutions, city and state agencies and citizen/community groups. Many stakeholders in Dublin are committed and excited to support the ambition of ‘Smart Dublin’.

Smart Districts

Dublin is developing a Smart District approach with an initial focus on the Docklands as part of the URBACT:SMARTIMPACT project. The re-development of the Docklands represents an opportunity to bring together corporate and public interests under a Smart City umbrella. This will ensure that the city achieves a strong local impact, while also raising its international profile.

There is a strong commitment from the top-level decision makers in the city towards developing sustainable infrastructures integrating emerging technology in the Docklands and to mainstream the smart city approach into the city administration.

With extensive development commencing in this district it is imperative these activities are properly aligned. One of the main outcomes of the Smart District project is the development of an integrated action plan to ensure maximum benefits for both public and private interests.


Get involved

The success of Smart Dublin will depend on your input. Dublin’s challenges can only be solved through collaboration. You can share your smart stories, take part in challenges or sign up to the mailing list for the latest news. We will be issuing specific calls for solutions and open challenges where people with ideas may receive access to seed funds, city expertise and a testbed infrastructure.

Share Your Ideas

Your input is very important for the success of Smart Dublin and we would love to hear your ideas. Ideas might include examples of emerging technologies that have been successfully implemented in other cities.

Enter Challenge

Smart Dublin is running a series of challenges where we may offer access to:

  • Seed funds
  • Access to testbed infrastructure
  • City expertises


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Smart Stories

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