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A new app provides information on local mental health services in South Dublin.

South Dublin County Council have launched Mindmindr 2019, an app that provides contact details and information on local mental health services. The new app was developed in conjunction with the HSE and is a new iteration of an app launched in 2013. Mindmindr 2019 provides details of support services across a wide range of areas including depression, addiction, crisis pregnancy and suicide prevention.


Deputy Mayor Cllr Cathal King at the relaunch of the Mindmindr App in County Hall.


The app not only gives details of emergency contacts for national services, but maps these services to help users find them more easily. It also provides information on a range of local support groups whose contact details are often difficult to find. The App is designed for anyone who needs, or knows someone who needs mental health supports in their life.


The initiative was spearheaded by former Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County, Cllr Cathal King who hopes it will help to reduce the stigma still attached to mental health issues, and encourage more people to ask for help.


The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and is also available on Android.


Danny McLoughlin SDCC Chief Executive, Deputy Mayor Cllr Cathal King and Tommy Kavanagh SDCC IT Dept at the relaunch of the Mindmindr App in County Hall.


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