Dublin City Council launch pilot Staff Smart Mobility Hub

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The DCC Smart Mobility Hub provides staff with access to e-cars, e-bikes and pushbikes for off-site business travel, reducing commuting congestion and emissions in the city.


Just over 12 months ago, Smart Dublin launched the Smart Mobility Hub Challenge seeking smart, low-cost solutions that could provide alternative, cleaner and more sustainable transportation options for Dublin City Council staff in both their daily commute and work day commitments. The challenge, run in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland, is part of the Small Business Innovation Research programme, a pre-commercial procurement initiative to drive innovation across the Irish Public Sector via robust engagement with technology rich companies and organisations.


launch of a Smart Mobility Hub pilot at DCC
Karl Hussey Photography 2019.


Today, May 8th 2019, we see the fruits of the Smart Mobility Hub challenge as DCC launch the pilot Staff Mobility Hub; providing access to e-cars, e-bikes and pushbikes for off-site visits and business in the city. This pilot scheme if successful will scale up and be deployed across the city council offices meaning fewer cars on the road at rush-hour with less congestion and an improvement in air quality.  From an environmental point of view, all vehicles in the hub will have zero exhaust-pipe emissions, which is great in terms of both air quality and general climate change.  Finally, the Hub is encouraging staff to try e-cars and e-bikes and accelerate adoption of these cleaner transport options.


This pilot is part of phase 1 of the Smart Dublin SBIR Mobility Hub Challenge, stay tuned for more updates over the coming months!


Media Release with access to high-res photos and interview contacts available here.


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