Amazing Spaces Smart Camera Project: St Audoen’s Park

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Amazing Spaces 


Amazing Spaces is a SBRI project, led by Belfast City Council, which aims to explore how data and innovative technology can help us manage our parks and open spaces, ensuring they are safe, accessible and enjoyed by all. Dublin City Council have partnered with Belfast City Council for this project, providing real world test-beds to trial successful projects.



St. Audoen’s Park Pilot


SparroWatch’s intelligent camera system, SparroCam, uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to determine what is happening in a location, without the need for human intervention.


The system aims to enable Dublin City Council to monitor after hours, between 10 pm and 10 am.


The battery-powered solution ensures a simple and low cost alternative to a full CCTV system in remote environments.


For more information on SparroWatch, visit


Privacy information 

Amazing Spaces Smart Camera Privacy Statement





For more information on Dublin City Council’s data privacy see here.

For any queries relating to the Dublin City Council Privacy Statement or Data Protection policies, please contact the designated Data Protection Officer.

Dublin City Council’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email or by telephone 01 222 3775.

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