Testing How to Tackle Illegal Dumping in Dublin

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Dublin’s four local authorities, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, are working with six cutting-edge companies to explore low-cost, high-tech solutions capable of tackling the problem of illegal dumping and fly-tipping.


Despite numerous attempts and campaigns from local authorities, there remains a failure to reduce the number of illegal dumping incidents across the Dublin region.


Through the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) fund, Dublin’s local authorities – in partnership with Enterprise Ireland – are working with six high-tech companies to explore a range of low-cost tech solutions, capable of solving the problem of illegal dumping and fly-tipping.


“The cost of illegal dumping across the Dublin region is more than €1.5million euro per annum.”



The six companies are:


Analytics Engines Ltd.


Analytics Engines is designing a new software tool to help tackle illegal dumping in the Dublin region – a problem which costs over €1.5million each year. Our goal is to enable the Councils to take proactive data-driven decisions to enable targeted allocation of resources to help tackle this complex issue. Using their advanced data platform, Analytics Engines XDP, they will provide each of Dublin’s councils with real-time monitoring information, gathered from across the four council areas. Next, they will apply machine learning and predictive models to this data to help tackle the problem by highlighting the key areas that are at risk from illegal dumping. Finally, they will use prescriptive analytics to measure the effectiveness of any actions taken, to determine its value in preventing this growing problem.

Certification Europe


Certification Europe aims to determine whether the establishment of a cloud-based, networked CCTV Neighbourhood Watch Scheme can impact the level of illegal dumping in areas that participate in the scheme. The network will utilise both public and private CCTV cameras.

Evercam Ltd


“Excuse me, did you drop something?” This automated device reduces opportunistic littering by playing an audio warning when it sees an item of litter being dropped. Utilising advances in low-power video analytics, the camera is battery powered for up to 30 days, meaning it is highly effective and low-cost solution which will help to eliminate the need for costly prosecutions.

Skytango Ltd.


Skytango’s daily mapping flights identify and track new dumping sites, while a network of sensors around problem areas launches tethered drones, providing An Garda Siochana Gardaí with live video links to aid prosecution. This will be fully supported by an extensive media campaign designed to inform the public that the days of illegal dumping are over.!



SparroWatch is developing monitoring and image analysis software to reduce fly-tipping and illegal dumping. Using camera systems integrated with these intelligent algorithms, Sparrowatch delivers a smart, low-cost monitoring system which easily captures, reports and prevents illegal dumping activity.

TEC Security

For over 20 years TEC Security has provided turnkey monitoring solutions to Councils throughout Ireland, helping to combat the effects of illegal dumping. Already to date, their leading-edge technologies have secured over €75,000 for Councils from direct fines and prosecutions relating to illegal dumping activities. TEC has the expertise to adapt and create new technologies that are designed to outsmart the dumper.


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