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Everything you want to know about Dublin.

The Dublin Dashboard is designed to allow users to get detailed, up-to-date information about the city that help everyday decision making and encourages evidence-informed analysis.

An interactive website and portal that gives access to a wide range of datasets about the city and to a suite of visualisation and analysis tools, the site consists of several modules, each of which contains a number of apps. Users can:

  • Examine how Dublin is performing on different metrics and compared to other cities and regions;
  • See how local authorities spend their budget;
  • View what is happening with transport and the environment in real-time;
  • Interact with maps of the Census, crime, live register, companies, housing, and planning;
  • Find close-by city services;
  • Report issues in their area;
  • Download data to do their own analysis or build apps.

The Dublin Dashboard is free for everyone: citizens looking for information about current traffic conditions or parking spaces, companies wanting to access information about an area or the underlying data, or public servants interested in formulating policy.

The underlying data is drawn together from Dublin City Council, Dublinked, Central Statistics Office, Eurostat, and government departments. The Dublin Dashboard contains thousands of interactive data visualisations.

The site was designed so that all available open data about the city, including real-time data, is made available. There are no closed elements and it is very easy to use, with users requiring no mapping or graphing skills. All the apps are interactive so that users can explore the data; existing resources and apps are used so that there is no duplication of effort.

The challenges the project presently face are opening new datasets, cleaning and processing those data, developing new apps, and making the site accessible across platforms. A particular challenge is to develop the site beyond data visualisations to include a broader set of data analytics, including modelling tools.

The Dublin Dashboard is an ongoing project, with the data updated as it is released, and plans to introduce a set of new modules. The project team is keen to link to any apps relating to the city and interested in hearing from developers who are working on Dublin visualisations.

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