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Projections indicate that more than half the world’s population will be living in cities by 2030. In Ireland, the CSO estimates the population of the greater Dublin area could grow by up to 400,000 by 2031. Fast-forwarding 20 years to 2050, seven out of every 10 of us will be a city dweller.


This migration towards city living creates major challenges.  Cities must learn from best practices and leverage home grown innovation and talent in order to maintain a high quality of life while laying the foundations for continued competitiveness in an increasingly global market.


“With ever increasing power and plummeting costs in the technology sector, cities are now better able to predict problems before they occur, respond in real-time, listen to and  interact with citizen to deliver tailored services to make city life better for everyone”

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Telecomconsult has been invited to be part of the Smart Dublin Advisory Network and contribute to the shaping of our smart city landscape. With experience in technology, infrastructure, project design and delivery across the telecommunications, power, automotive and ICT industries, we have developed a smart city report to give the Smart Dublin project initial input from our unique perspective and collective experience. This includes an overview of Smart City development, the current state of wireless connectivity options and future opportunities for Dublin in particular in the area of smart mobility.


“The focus of the report and the recommendations contained therein, are centred on leveraging the considerable assets at the disposal of the local authorities to enable a fundamental foundation of a smart city, namely a state of the art and cost effective telecommunications infrastructure needed to support future smart city services. All of the major telco’s were consulted and a suite of recommendations are made to enable the realisation of the Smart Dublin vision and ambition.


John Holland, author of the report welcomes feedback and discussion on its contents and can be reached by email at or alternatively through


About the author:

John Holland has had a career spanning more than 25 years in IT, Telecommunications and Media. He has held a number of senior roles in large corporates, start-ups and technology research hubs around the world such as Digifone/o2 Telefonica, Digicel, Redknee, Ericsson, CTVR/Connect and Wholeworldband. He is currently managing partner of Telecomconsult and member of the Smart Dublin Advisory Network.

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