Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

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This was our second year visiting the Expo and once again was a great opportunity to discover the latest innovations from the 675 exhibitors, hear great talks from global leaders (420 to choose from) and meet colleagues from many other cities worldwide.



This year Ireland was well represented with many colleagues from the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum also travelling to the congress – we had representatives from Dublin (all 4 local authorities), Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Belfast, Connect Centre (TCD) and Maynooth Univesity.


Our highlights


Future Cities Catapult presented their Smart City Strategies report – A Global Review, which features 21 cities including Dublin. Very interesting read for city policy makers.


City Protocol Society meeting – Dublin City Council was appointed president of the City Protocol Society for 2016-17 and is driving the development of standards and smart city development through a trusted global city leadership network.


Marketplace launch – Marketplace is an online platform that connects cities with providers of smart city solutions. New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona and Dublin—have partnered and signed up as the platform’s inaugural city users.  The platform also won the most innovative smart city idea / concept at the Smart City expo awards!





We had the chance to meet with Citymart, specialists in the procurement by challenge process based in NY and Barcelona. We have been working with them over the past year to define challenges and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up face to face and preview their new platform.


Mastercard partnership launchMastercard and Dublin City Council (DCC) signed a three-year innovation partnership to harness the power of big data to support Dublin’s city planning and future development efforts. We liked the Smart Dublin cupcakes in particular!





Three of the companies working on the Smart Dublin the cycling challenge – See.Sense, Fluidedge and BikeLook were all at the congress exhibiting and speaking, it was great to see their progress.


And leaving the best till last, we picked up our finalist award at the World Smart Cities Awards. Although we didn’t win the city category – Dubai Smart Office did – it was a great achievement to be shortlisted as a finalised – maybe better luck next year!






See you next year!






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Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

  This was our second year visiting the Expo and once again was a great opportunity to discover the latest innovations from the 675 exhibitors, hear great talks from global...

Mastercard and Dublin City Council partner to use data to improve city intelligence and performance

Mastercard and Dublin City Council (DCC) as part of its Smart Dublin programme have signed a three-year innovation partnership to harness the power of big data to support Dublin’s city...

Get involved

We believe that collaboration is the best approach to find innovative solutions to Dublin’s challenges. If you are working on a smart city solution and would like to test it in Dublin, we would like to hear from you.

Our Engagement Process

We would love to hear your smart city ideas.

Since our launch, we have received numerous contacts from start-ups and companies that would like to work with us. To help facilitate this we have developed a simple engagement process to help evaluate proposals and give everyone the same opportunity to engage with us.


To start with, we would like you to email us some information we can use to evaluate if your product of service is something that can be of interest for our partners. Please, don’t email a sales pitch or try to set up a meeting to do one. They simply are not useful to us.

Here is what we need:

  • Name of company and contact details
  • What area/s are you interested in collaborating?
  • What will the benefits be to the Smart Dublin partner local authorities? e.g. will your product solve a problem, increase efficiency,  enhance a current service?
  • What would be expected of the local authorities in terms of staff engagement and other resources?
  • What you would be contributing?
  • The nature of the collaboration (e.g. trialling, piloting, research and development) and how it would be implemented                        (e.g. a description/timeline of your product trial)

If you have examples from previous trials or implementations, please include them.

Please take some time to go through our website and understand Smart Dublin. It seems very intuitive but we have  received sales  pitches from companies that knew little about us or what we are trying to do.

If your main interest is not collaboration but rather you are selling a service/solution let me know please. If there is a challenge or tender for the service/solution you are offering, aligned research, or we are hosting a relevant showcase event, then we will contact you with details.

After we receive your information the Smart Dublin team will assess your proposal and call a meeting with you if needed. If the proposal is successful we will present it to the Smart Dublin Steering Group for consideration.

If the proposal is of interest it will be passed to relevant departments within the local authorities for assessment and to find champion to manage the project. We will aim to get a decision from departments within four weeks.

If the relevant departments are interested in developing a collaboration  the proposal may be passed on to the legal and other relevant departments.

Once everything is agreed, then it will progress to a recommendation for collaboration, which will be  sent to the local authority CEOs for final sign-off.

All proposals will be logged and their progress tracked by the Smart Dublin team and published in the Smart Dublin website.

Once a quarter we will host a Meet Smart Dublin event, a session where prospective collaborators can meet staff to share information, ask questions, pitch ideas, etc.  These will be advertised through the website and mailing list.

Enter Challenge

Smart Dublin is running a series of challenges where we may offer access to:

  • Seed funds
  • Access to testbed infrastructure
  • City expertises


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