See.Sense Smart Cycle Pilot Update

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Last July we announced that See. Sense was going to run  a pilot with Smart ICON, their cycling light, which gathers a wide range of anonymised sensor data to inform city planners how to improve cycling infrastructure and policies to promote cycling in the city. The call for volunteers was a success with over 1,400 people signing up.


The pilot started in September with 500 volunteers from County Dublin. It is still on-going and further analysis of the data will be completed to generate insights for Dublin. See. Sense is working with Queen’s University Belfast on their data analytics and have published some of their results so far.


This heat map indicates the most popular cycling routes in the city centre. It is notable the concentration of cyclists around the Grand Canal and East Wall areas.


The majority of journeys take place in the city centre but the pilot is also showing journeys from  as far as  Malahide and County Wicklow.


Further data shows one of the busiest areas in Dublin city centre encompassing Dublin City hall, Dublin Castle and Temple Bar. The Liffey Quays and the R137 are the most used routes in the area.


St. Stephens Green is frequented by  a large number of cyclists during the whole week. Most people travel from South Dublin into the high density employment areas of the Docklands. There are several adjacent routes in this area, all with cycling activity. This reflects the more developed network of cycling lanes.


Morning journey patterns –


Evening journey patterns –


The award winning lights are designed by Northern Ireland based See.Sense to be daylight visible, enhancing cyclist safety in all lighting conditions. The light recently won ‘Best Bike Gadget’ by readers of, the UK’s biggest online cycling website. It uses sensor technology to flash brighter and faster in riskier situations such as road junctions and roundabouts. The sensors can also anonymously gather data on the cyclist’s environment such as the quality of the road surface, cycling routes, accidents and near-miss events – ‘providing accurate quantitative and qualitative data, allowing the city to be mapped like never before’

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See.Sense Smart Cycle Pilot Update

  Last July we announced that See. Sense was going to run  a pilot with Smart ICON, their cycling light, which gathers a wide range of anonymised sensor data to...

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