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Dublin City Council, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, is working with six companies to improve monitoring and early warning systems for blocked gullies in high-risk flooding areas of the city.


The aim is to use the latest low-cost, smart technology to maximise the use of limited resources by monitoring gullies – particularly those in high-risk flooding areas. This will be achieved by implementing a system that provides real-time information during a flood event to provide Dublin’s four local authorities with an opportunity to deploy resources to the areas that need it most.


 “There are 55,500 Gullies in the Dublin City Area”


With 55,500 gullies in the Dublin City area alone, there is a need to improve the way in which Dublin City Council monitors and responds to flooding.


The SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) fund provided us with the ideal opportunity to ask the market to identify low-cost, high-tech solutions to address this problem and to test these products to determine their short and long-term viability.


The six companies working on this challenge are:



Blenheim Systems Ltd


Blenheim Systems were the first company to introduce real-time reporting for Fleet Operators, using low-cost GPRS technology. They apply this same real-time technology to monitor the condition of Gullies on busy motorway sites in England, reporting on silt levels, water levels and flood conditions. Blenheim is currently developing a new type of gully monitor for Dublin City Council, that’s both simple to install and capable of accommodating the frequent cleaning of high-risk gullies.


Carra Ireland Limited


Carra is a technology and service provider of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, operating across Ireland & the UK since 1994. It specialises in providing products for tolling systems, speed and red-light enforcement, emergency roadside telephones, electric vehicle chargers, ANPR cameras, incident detection systems, barriers, speed surveying and traffic counting.
Hubeleon is a software platform developed by Carra specifically for integrated Transport/Traffic applications and eMobility networks. The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and ICT to monitor, control and interact with geographically diverse networks of devices created the need for management and control systems. Hubeleon has been designed by a team with extensive experience in ICT systems and Intelligent Traffic & Transport solutions and charge point (EVSE) control/management systems.



The deployment of Low-Power Wide Area Networks is the essence of Danalto’s technical offering. To date, the company has focused on LoRa and LoRaWAN, but duplex communication, solar powered gateways and localisation offerings are other areas where Danalto brings added value. We have deployed use cases in cities, research laboratories and on agricultural sites.

MJB Innovation Ltd.


HorusIOT are developing ‘Sprites’ – intelligent synthetic sensor platforms designed to monitor the flow of rain water through curb-side gullies. The Sprites live underground, dangling from gratings, listening to and feeling the water as it passes by them. Deciding if water is flowing through the gully, if the flow is light or heavy or somewhere in-between. Checking if the water levels inside the gully are rising and if there are unexpected changes over time.


MSemicon Ltd


mSemicon designs, develops and supplies customised engineering products, generally including electronic and mechanical subassemblies. Specialising in IoT, lighting, motion control, agritech, RF, audio, sensor, medical device, environmental and renewable energy technologies.
mSemicon has developed a small low power electronic device which can be fitted into gullies, and which can detect a rise in water level consistent with imminent flooding. If or when this device detects such a rise, it can send an emergency message out, via radio signals, to city engineers warning them of where it has occurred.



Voguetek and Vodafone understand the need for smarter cleaning of gullies to predict and aim to prevent flooding incidents. Combining existing and new proven techniques into a robust solution that will provide key current information to the relevant people. Voguetek is experienced in multiple municipal water-related projects of this size, providing a simplistic but robust solution.

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