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Kickstart Accelerator – one of Europe’s largest multi-corporate, zero-equity technology accelerators will now include businesses in the growing areas of FinTech, Food, Intelligent Systems, Smart Cities and Robotics.

The 11-week programme takes place from 4 September to 17 November 2017. 1500 start-ups worldwide applied. BikeLook was one of 30 companies selected after a pitch bootcamp in Zurich.

Start-ups from a total of 15 countries, including South Korea, South Africa, Finland, Ukraine and Singapore will work in a unique collaboration and innovation space ​in the heart of Zurich​.

BikeLook will work alongside Swisscom, AXA Winturther Insurance and the City of Bern to roll out a proof of concept for the tracking technology. Swisscom are exploring novel ways to use the internet of things network they have deployed (LoRa). AXA Winturther are interested in how systems such as BikeLook can reduce bike theft.

The City of Bern has ambitions to be a leading cycling city in Europe. It views the  BikeLook technology as a way to interact with important user groups. But also to provide evidence necessary to drive policy change and investment decisions.

Further details on the Kickstart Accelerator can be found on their website.

Read the press release here.

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